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It is no secret that Singaporeans loves to eat. In fact, it is often proclaimed that eating is our national pastime. But did you know, we also love to cook?

In fact, many of us can cook and bake even better stuff than restaurants or bakeries. However, starting a restaurant, cafe or bakery is not something that many can do.
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Why home chefs?

Restaurants require heavy financial investment, and running one successfully is harder than one might think. As a result, many undiscovered master chefs end up cooking only for their friends and family.

But what if it was easier for them to start a business selling their food?

And for foodies to discover mouthwatering artisanal foods made right next door in their neighbour’s homes?
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What is BlockChef?

BlockChef is a marketplace for the best home chefs and bakers in Singapore. Our mission is to celebrate and elevate the home chef market by raising awareness of these hidden talents.
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If you’re a home chef...

We aim to be a complete partner to you including marketing, delivery, payment processing, customer relationships and order management. You just need to prepare your food, and we will help you with all the other aspects of building a successful home based food business. We will help customers find you, and then we will help you deliver your food to them.
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If you’re a foodie...

We want to help you discover amazing foods you may not find at restaurants, hawker centres, food courts, cafes or bakeries. If you like interesting and unique flavours made with high quality ingredients prepared meticulously with love by talented home chefs, then you have found the right place.
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Discover a hidden world

You never know, there might very well be a MasterChef right in your block!

Terence Ong

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